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North Sea Futures Publications

In 2018, we co-published an article in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment entitled “Environmental benefits of leaving offshore infrastructure in the ocean”. The article presents the results of our 2017 expert survey and provides recommendations to guide the revision of offshore decommissioning policy, including a temporary suspension of obligatory removal. Main author is Ashley M. Fowler from the University of Technology, Sydney. The article generated a significant amount of media attention, some of which is listed below:

In 2017, NIRAS developed the report  “A Circular Economy and Ecosystem Approach to Offshore Wind Farms” for North Sea Futures. You can download the full NIRAS report here.

As input for the 2017 dialogue meeting, North Sea Futures wrote a general Discussion paper and a number of Background Briefs.

The North Sea Futures Manifest 2017, in which we present 10 Principles for making the North Sea thrive as an ecosystem during transition from fossil to renewable energy production.

In 2017, North Sea Futures also produced the report “Environmental Impacts of the Decommissioning of Offshore Installations in the North Sea”, which provides an overview of the current state of our knowledge and a draft framework for evaluating different decommissioning options for offshore oil and gas installations and wind farms. This report may be acquired by contacting us.

North Sea Futures in the media

The article “Environmental benefits of leaving offshore infrastructure in the ocean” generated a substantial amount of media attention. Here are links to some of the articles and posts that were written in response to it or in response to other North Sea Futures activities:

Other publications and websites

Next to our own publications, we recommend the following reports and websites published by other organisations. This is just a very small selection of the many publications on the relations between offshore installations and marine ecosystems.

North Sea Reefs Benthic biodiversity of artificial and rocky reefs in the southern North Sea written by Dr. Joop Coolen, Wageningen Marine Research.

Rig2Reef Explorers are on a mission to research, develop and implement an international protocol for the Rigs-to-Reefs decommissioning option.

MIT Technology Review, First Evidence That Offshore Wind Farms Are Changing the Oceans

Offshore Wind Power for Marine Conservation in Open Journal of Marine Science 2016

Eco-friendly design of scour protection: potential enhancement of ecological functioning in offshore wind farms written by Deltares, Bureau Waardenburg and Wageningen Marine Research.

Oil platforms off California are among the most productive marine fish habitats globally written by Dr. Jeremy T. Claisse et al, 2014 in PNAS.

North sea oil and gas rig decommissioning & re-use opportunity report written by Zero Waste Scotland.

Learnings from the Living North Sea Initiative (LiNSI)

INSITE – INfluence of man-made Structures In The Ecosystem


Rigs 2 Reefs: Transecting Borneo

Underwater life on offshore wind turbines in The Netherlands

Ærøsund 2 Years after (reefed vessel)

HMS Scylla Reef in the UK (reefed vessel)

Life on the sunken Ocean Prince rig in the North Sea

IABR Energy Odyssey